Thursday, August 30, 2007

Snoopy Never Lived a Dog's Life!

A raw life style forces you to look at more than just what you eat. Once you start cleaning up the sludge that accumulates over the years of shoving garbage into your system, the mind is allowed to explore the inner and outer world in greater depth and clarity.

As my body has cleansed itself (as it has been doing on a regular basis. Yes, that's a pun!), I've been able to review my life.

Remember sitting in front of the TV on a cold winter's night with your family when you were young? You might have had a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn as the snow fell outside the window. It was a special night that you looked forward to for months. It was the night of the new Charlie Brown special.

We all have a little bit of Charlie in us. We keep trying to kick the football. We might fall flat, but just like Charlie we never give up.

We've got our cool dog Snoopy! He may be real, or he may be imaginary, but he's there. He makes us smile when we need him, and never leaves our side. He never led a dog's life.

Then there's the little red headed girl. Remember her? Charlie was head over heals in love with her. While she never seemed to notice Charlie, she gave him a reason, and a purpose to improve himself. The little red hair (or red headed) girl is only symbolic of course. Anyone can have the spirit of this character in their heart.

I hope everyone knows someone like Charlie Brown knows. These are really neat people. They're so full of energy. They walk a path that may seem harder at times to some, but to others who allow them their freedom, they display a strength, vitality, and honesty others never match.

Some little red head girls face their past and see that by sharing happiness, it is returned tenfold. They love life, and live it to the fullest!

Yeah, I've got a picture of a little read headed girl that meets these qualifications. Those around her find her to be infectious. You can't help but smile when she's around!

I've been lucky in my life to have learned to watch for the "red headed girls". They aren't limited by age, sex, or the usual line up of qualifications. I've been married to one for 24 years now. In the past few years, I've hooked up with someone I've known for lifetimes. Katie and her spouse Kara have done more than they'll ever realize in filling our lives with joy (and sharing Murmur too!). We've loved them both from the beginning.

OK, let me have the chance for a big build-up. Be good or I'll ask for donations through PayPal just to let you look at a picture of the newest person who changed not only my life but Keely's too! Fine. Here's that little red headed girl, curls and all!

No, I won't give you her name! I'll tell you that today she is over 21 years old. You'll know her when you meet her, and will never regret the meeting. She will change your life, through her knowledge, laughter, and sharing.

Never turn your back on the gifts the world will share, when you start living as one with your environment. A raw diet has opened worlds for me, many of which I have yet to acknowledge and explore. I hope your path is as wondrous

OK, I know, GET SOME SLEEP! You're starting to sound like a Hallmark card again!

I may not be posting for the next few days. I've got a big weekend planned. I'm taking my wife to Tai Chi on Saturday. The Doctor said that her hoof is healed enough that she should be able to participate (and count to at least ten if she remembers how to do that. OK, she can really count to 50. But I can count to 51!). I'm hoping to work on a couple of new and exciting raw recipes too! If they work out, I promise to post them in the near future. Anyone know how PayPal works? Just kidding!

Of course then there's the time I'll be spending in the hospital after the woman in the picture gets through with me!

Until next time, remember that whatever your path, its yours to walk. You might invite others with you. Its always fun to share the world with a friend!


Keely said...

The little red-haired girl and I are BOTH gonna put you in the hospital!!! What do you MEAN if I can remember to count to ten?!?!? Let's see... that's one dollar, two dollars, three dollars... I'm counting how much your life insurance will pay if I don't get caught!!! [grin]

Bob Bush said...

Be nice or no more of the hated Hallmark ornaments!

Keely said...

Hmmm... I wonder how many ornaments I can get with the insurance money. Lets see... one, two, three...

Bob Bush said...

Thank God you can't get more than 10! OK, I lied, but just remember while you can count to 50, I can count to 51! Let's work on 52 since its a 3 day weekend!