Sunday, August 3, 2008


Where have I been? I have no idea! I've been involved in everything but my own life. Its time to get grounded, and renew!

I can tell you about the last 24 hours. They are the most surrealistic in the last couple of weeks. Keely and I went to the Ohio State Fair.

We had volunteered to help Sue Miller with her Migun booth at the Buckeye Sports Complex. We both enjoyed introducing people to the Migun bed. After a month of having one in our home, we're still hooked! My sleep patterns are more regulated, and Keely's doctor told her that she had the blood pressure of a teenager. Not bad for your late 40's!

Things were going well until I decided to take a walk. I wasn't sure if I'd walked into a Robert Altman, or a Michael Moore film.

It was hot and sticky. There was the bearded lady and the little person holding the python.

People were walking around stuffing their faces with every type of "food" imaginable! Cotton candy, caramel apples, and all sorts of chicken, pig, and cow parts, that were roasted, deep fried, battered, and bruised.

Caligula would have been right at home.

The said it was only 84 F, but with the blacktop, and the crowds, it felt like it was over 90.

Then I got lost, and saw the Bricker Bldg. The doors were closed and I figured it had to be air conditioned. I should have stayed in the heat. It was like walking in to "infomercial hell"!

The Bricker Bldg. had every piece of garbage you could imagine. There was the booth called "Egypt World". Everything for sale had an Egyptian theme, and was probably made in Thailand. There were ladders, and shovels, and siding. I probably could have found that person who grates on my nerves that hawks "Oxy-clean" on the idiot box if I had stayed longer.

Then I heard it. There was band music. Just like in a Robert Altman, or Michael Moore film, a marching band was coming straight down the aisle at me. High School students playing their hearts out, with smiles on their faces, bent on the destruction of sanity!

I would have loved to have known who the idiot was whose idea it was to have a full band walk down the main aisle of a crowded building in the middle of a fair!

There's something innocent about a fair, and something outrageous at the same time. Fairs remind me of how little America has changed. We are still a country of people demanding instant gratification. We feel that because we're Americans we aren't responsible for how we treat our planet and the rest of the counties on this insignificant world (on a cosmic scale).

We screamed when gasoline hit more than $4.00 a gallon. Now that the prices have dropped, we aren't as concerned.

Will I go back to the fair this year? No way in hell!

Should you go to the fair? I'd highly recommend it. A visit to your local fair will hopefully remind you that its time to take a step back, re-assess your life, and take responsibility for your actions.

Oh, one last thing. I'm a political animal. Nothing is more fun than getting steamed at times over the stupidity of those in Congress and the flocks of sheep who walk in awe of their positions in Washington.

We are in one of the most important Presidential elections of the last 50 years, and it is starting to remind me of children playing in a sandbox. Has either party considered how dumb they look to the rest of the planet? I just want to vote and get this over with!

This past week, McCain was proud of the ads he ran comparing Obama to two really stupid looking blonds in the news named Paris and Britney. I have one warning to McCain.

Watch trying to make blonds look dumb. After all, John, you married a blond, who was addicted to painkillers back in the early 90's. Sounds Hollywood to me!

I guess John McCain has even more of a connection to Paris and Britney than Obama has! But maybe McCain's memory isn't what it used to be when he was younger. Although I'm not 100% happy with either candidate, I'll vote for hope, over someone who appears to me to be nothing more than a caustic, mean, old man. After eight years of fear and hatred, we owe America and the world a real chance at happiness.

Hope to talk soon!