Friday, July 4, 2008

Our New Baby Migun!

Our Migun is here! I must admit that I was shocked the first time I used it.

When I use the bed at our local Migun dealer, Migun of Westerville, I'm out the door in less than an hour. When I used it at home I didn't get the same reaction. I FELL ASLEEP! I didn't wake up for over an hour!

Can you believe a piece of medical equipment that relaxes you so much, while doing great things to your body, that lets you fall asleep? It's un-American!

How does Migun expect Americans to accept a piece of equipment that gives you a deep heat massage and lets you relax! Americans aren't supposed to relax! We're supposed to be driving the girls to dance class, singing class, art class, soccer, baseball. We're supposed to be working long hours without pay. We're supposed to be eating crappy fast food, and worrying about our hearts, our stomachs, our weight, while our butts hang over our chairs!

How dare Migun present us with a tool that helps to align our body, relaxes our body and mind, and lets us fall asleep, while assisting the body with detoxification?

For shame Migun for selling a product that will actually help us reach our health goals!

I guess I should take a moment to once again thank everyone at Migun of Westerville for helping us down the road to better health. Can you believe that there are people like Sue Miller, the Westerville Migun dealer, who cares enough about people and a product to take the chance on a new career? I stopped by after work on Wednesday, July 2, and the place was mobbed! They were so busy that I let someone else take my spot since I knew my Migun was being delivered on Thursday.

To all those people who were using the beds on Wednesday, don't be so selfish. Do what I did. Buy a bed from Sue! You'll be even more happy if you can get up in the morning, and fall asleep on your own Migun. Let people who haven't been introduced to the Migun use the beds like I did on Wednesday!

No, I won't accept the excuse that you don't have room for a bed. We own a condo, We made room for our bed, and we're damn glad we did!

On a personal note, I think I alluded to knowing Sue Miller in a previous life. That life was 3rd grade at Ranchwood Elementary in Mansfield, Ohio. Well, its worse than that. Not only were we in 3rd Grade together, but in 1st Grade at Ranchwood, and Kindergarten at Woodland Elementary. We hadn't seen each other for over forty years, and didn't make the connection until after we'd bought the bed from her.

Sometimes the universe does something to prove to you that you made the best decision. Learning that Sue and I went to grade school together was that message for me.

You want proof! OK, I'll give you proof! Here's the proof! Here's a picture of both Sue and I in Ms. Mosey's 1st grade class. She's in the last row on the right with her blonde hair, blue dress with big white buttons, and her huge smile! Next to her on the end is her friend Nancy Trbovich. Me? I'm front and center in the first row. I've got the red sweater on that's unbuttoned at the bottom. I was hard to dress even then!

Make sure to stop in at Migun of Westerville at 2509 West Shrock Rd., Westerville, Ohio, 43081 and say hello to Sue. She hasn't changed in all these years. Their new hours beginning on Monday, July 7, 2008, are from 10AM to 6PM Monday through Friday, and 1PM to 5 PM on Saturdays. If you're new to Migun, call ahead and set up a time so they can talk to you about what you can expect. Their number is 614-882-4133.

Where can you find me? I'll probably be someplace, six feet under for posting this picture! ;-)