Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Klown Krazy....

Continuing where I left off, I found an article on that just proves my point about little we care about our children at times.

A study will be appearing in the August's Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. A researcher took three different menu items from McDonald's. Using 63 inner city children who were Head Start children were each given 2 identical items of each of the 3 foods. One was in a plain wrapper. The others were wrapped in McDonald's wrappers. The children said that the McDonald's food tasted better than the identical food in the plain wrapper!

I like reading science fiction. I don't like living it! How many books have been written of a world which is controlled by multi-national corporations? We show so little concern for our present and our future that we let a clown control what we eat, and how we taste the food!

Who's the real clown in this picture....

On to day four of the BES!

I actually felt better. I'm not as tired, and felt lighter. I had a harder time keeping my watch in its place on my arm.

When I first saw today's menu I wasn't sure how I was going to respond to a smoothie called a Banana Slug. When I think of a slug, I think of a little slimy creature that looks like a snail without a shell. Let your imagination run wild when you think of a banana slug.

Man was that a fine slug! The banana was not overpowering. It had a sweet taste. It was the best smoothie I've had all week.

OK, so, do you want the recipe? Go ahead, on your knees and....beg, yeah, that's the term. Beg me for the recipe.

Ready? The way you can get the recipe is by signing up for the next BES program. Just search out the Raw Divas. They'll help you! No way am I giving it to you! I'm a Diva fan, and want to see Tera and Amy's business expand! So stop complaining. At least do the free 7 day Detox!

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Amy said...

You're so sweet! Glad you're enjoying everything so far!