Sunday, August 5, 2007

Legally Raw: The Beginning

I've been reading blogs, but this is my first attempt at actually blogging. I'll try not to repeat the things I don't like, and emphasize that which I've liked in other blogs.

At the moment I've turned off the comment section. I'd rather people email me directly. Just a personal preference.

Why "Legally Raw"? Its more of a statement about what many think is a whacked out way of living. "Not eating cooked foods? Why do you think God invented ovens!", I can hear some saying.

A person doesn't need permission from anyone to change their dietary habits. Food is the most personal thing in our lives. It can change our moods. It gives us the energy to get out of bed. Food defines us. Too often we allow others to define us.

There is nothing wrong with eating the way you want to eat. I decided to stop eating dead flesh about 20 years ago. Now I've decided that cooked foods aren't right for my body. What you do with your body is your choice. Don't let anyone make the choice for you.

OK, so I'm an attorney in my spare time. Please don't try to contact me about anything legal. I'll ignore your requests. This is my escape, and my chance to develop personally, and spiritually. I'm a Buddhist.

As time goes on, this blog will change. We fail to accept that from moment to moment that our entire world changes. Each breath we take is a new and exciting world. So please don't expect normalcy. Those who know me will tell you that I'm far from normal.

My favorite links are in alphabetical order. The first site that needs acknowledged is "The Raw Diva" Both my wife Keely and I think that The Raw Divas are great!.

The Raw Divas is a Raw website offering "raw solutions for women". Some of you might be wondering what a man is doing being involved with a bunch of women. Gee, do you actually think that a man can't learn something about life from women? Besides, I'm not that sports minded and don't get a kick out of sitting around expelling bodily gases while drinking beer, and lying to others of my sex about life, while becoming more obese, and dying before 60 of an artery clogging diet.

Tera Warner, and Amy DeWolfe have developed a wonderful program dealing with raw foods. They offer a free seven day detox program with teleseminars, and an excellent support system.

My wife Keely and I thoroughly enjoyed the detox, and are now embarking on their "Body Enlightenment System" (BES). There's no b'sing this program (yes, I love a bad pun at times). In my opinion, its well rounded and will work for any person no matter your sex. Besides, Tera's formal training was in anthropology and primate studies. She is well suited in dealing with men.

Make sure to check out Amy's hobby too! She's a fantastic artist! I can't wait to have one of her prints hanging in my sorry excuse for an office called "the cubicle". (May the creator of the cubicle spend eternity surrounded by cheap walls, without any privacy to work! I digress)

Tera and Amy are always quick to respond to any concerns. While they need to make money, (a failing of our reality that we must all face) they realize that money is not an end unto itself. They know that by being honestly concerned and interested in those they are dealing with, the ultimate rewards are gained much quicker.

I learned of The Raw Divas from "Raw Food, Right Now". This is a great blog that touches on all sorts of wonderful issues. Heidi's Raw Deviled Egg-less "Egg" Spread recipe is to die for!

Teri at "The Daily Raw" is an absolute wizard when it comes to the creation of new and wonderful recipes. Of course she has children to use as her testers. Anything that a 2 year old loves, is something adult will enjoy. As I progress further in the raw lifestyle, I look forward to incorporating her magic into our diets.

I can't forget "The Sunny Raw Kitchen". Carmella has just published a fantastic ebook titled "The Best of the Sunny Raw Kitchen". She asks that people pay anywhere from "$6.99 to $9.99" for the book. Its your choice. After downloading the book, I wish she'd just set the price at $9.99. Its what I paid, and I feel that its worth twice that amount.

There are literally hundreds of resources on the web. People are finally admitting how important food is in our lives, and revolting against the revolting S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) that has spread like a cancer around our world.

For at least the next 30 days I'll be sharing my experience with "The Raw Divas". Today my wife Keely and I are fasting, along with others from around the planet, as part of the Detox and BES program. I'm looking forward to a meal of fresh mango at 6 PM EST.

Right now I've got one hell of a headache. If I had listened more closely to my body, and if I had given it what it needed on a consistent basis, it wouldn't be out to teach me a lesson at the moment. I believe that the body is an organism unto itself that we inhabit for a short time. Treat it well, and it will respond in kind.

Don't forget to check out my links, especially "The Raw Divas".


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