Monday, August 6, 2007

Say It Ain't So!

I won't bore you with the usual "what I had to eat list". Suffice it to say that Day 2 on the Body Enlightenment System (BES) from THE RAW DIVAS was a cleansing experience.

Oh, great. Just what you need to hear, Bob sat all day in the bathroom. Sorry, but that's a good thing. I don't like spending a lot of time, doing that which comes naturally, but when giving the body "live and natural foods" the body will dump the garbage.

This is not the time to become embarrassed or run away to go back to SAD and eat the little white rabbit! Stick to it. Buy the jumbo rolls of your favorite toilet paper and sit on the throne! Once you've passed this hurdle, (sorry, but I'm not changing the word "passed". Accept it for the pun it is.) you will have a much lighter and brighter future!

Tera and Amy (The Divas!) have done a great job with matching Keely and me up with our Buddies. What's a buddy? These are people we corresponded with by email, or phone. My buddy Petra lives in Germany. Keely's buddy is from Scotland! We share our experiences, and give each other support!

The Monday evening tele-seminar put on by the Raw Divas was with Mary Bonnet ( I was shocked that someone out there believes that "we create our own reality"! God forbid! What would people do if they couldn't consider themselves victims? How could we live with the fact that every thing we do is of our own design?

Think of what would happen to the drug companies! If we take the responsibility for everything we do, everything we eat, everything we say, all those drug salespeople who hand out samples like candy will be out of a job!

All I can say is: WAY TO GO MARY BONNET! Check her out! She's got some great tools to overcome not only cravings but various issues in life.

You would think that after 24 years of marriage to Keely, she would finally realize that if she doesn't want me to do something, don't tell me not to do it, whatever it is.

I'm pleased with the outrage of the public with the discovery of lead paint being used on children's toys. Lead paint can kill!

But why aren't people just as outraged at what children are allowed to put in their bodies? We are so concerned about that which kills in a short period of time, but don't seemed to be concerned about the long term dangers of the Standard American Diet.

Keely and I spent 3 weeks in Viet Nam in January. Our guide in Ho Chi Minh City told us that his children were so excited when KFC opened a restaurant. They love the pop, and the chicken with all the fixin's. They've also put on weight.

Mary Bonnet is right. We are responsible for our lives.

Just as we don't want lead paint on our children's toys, we need to take responsibility for what we put in their bodies.

Think about it, and be revolutionary. Accept responsibility for what you create (and what you eat)!

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Keely said...

Don't you mean RevRAWlutionary??? ;>