Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And They're in the Home Stretch!

Its been a rough week. No, it has nothing to do with our new raw regimen. Its work, and life in general.

Oh, give me a break! It was the full moon, AND a full lunar eclipse! If that doesn't turn your life upside down, and set the family to baying, I don't know what will! I had to pay Keely to take my muzzle off this morning!

The best thing so far has been our PJ Teleseminar with the Raw Divas! Tera Warner turned 32 on Tuesday! Tera Warner and Amy DeWolfe are the "founding Divas". Its fortunate that Tera's mother also showed up for the call, or it don't think it would have gotten as far out of control as it did! It took me two hours to stop laughing so I could fall asleep!

Besides laying a great foundation for being a raw foodist, the Divas have made these thirty days something to embrace. They've been honest with their experiences, listening and offering support. They've made raw fun! I'm sorry to see that we're in the last week of the Body Enlightenment System!

The Divas have provided us with direction without demands, suggestions without being domineering. They've understood our ups and downs, and treated the group with honesty and dignity.

Oh, there I go again, sounding like a Hallmark card. Of course those who know me, and my feelings regarding the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments after being married now for 24 years to a woman who has collected Hallmark ornaments since day one, will tell you, I HATE HALLMARK!

But I digress.

Please check out the Divas, you can't go wrong! DIVAS RULE THE WHOLE RAW WORLD! (And Amy owns two miniature Dachshunds which means she's fantastic in my Dachshund luvin' world!) Make sure to check out their Seven Day Detox program too! ITS FREE!

You'll find a link to the Divas in my list along with other great websites that I'll focus on in the near future. There are tons of great blogs and websites to help you on your journey to health and well being (wellness is not a real word outside of Madison Ave!). Don't just read, SEARCH!

Until next time (when I'm more coherent)! But now I must run to the bathroom, and straight to bed. I feel "Mom's" presence!

(Yeah, I admit it. There's a lot of inside jokes in this one!)


Keely said...

I did search... wellness is listed in all of the online dictionaries I browsed, usually in connection with alternative medicine and healthy eating practices (can we say RAW FOODS).

I know you don't want to believe me so here is what the Merriam-Webster dictionary had to say:

Pronunciation: 'wel-n&s
Function: noun
: the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal (wellness clinics) (lifestyles that promote wellness)

Anonymous said...

you know I don't come here aften .. just don't seem to have the time .. but each time that I do . I am rewarded with another smile.. Thank you for that !!
Have a good one .... Trudy

Bob Bush said...

Thank you Trudy! Its always great hearing from you. But can you believe how disrespectful of me Keely can be, after being married for 24 years! Oh, yeah, follow the dictionary! Let me try that again. Can you believe Keely just disrespected me? Gawd! Good thing I'm 150 miles away from her tonight in a hotel isn't it?

Of course the KFC commercial just has to come on TV talking about "We do chicken right!" If they wanted to do the chicken right, they'd let it live!

Better stop now. The giant snake on the SciFi Channel bad movie of the week just ate an SUV full of children! YUM O! Would have been better for the world if it would have left the children, and eaten the SUV!

Of course I'd be better off turning off the idiot box, and reading a book.

My next blog almost ready to publish. I hope you like it!