Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sniffle, Snort, AH CHEW!

I've read a lot of books that say people on a raw diet tend not to be as sick as those on a Standard American Diet (SAD) of cooked foods. That's easy for a person to say when they're not snorting, sniffling, and sneezing because their sinuses are so clogged they can't breath!

Oh, so Bob isn't feeling too well is he? Let's just say that there are many factors involved in a person's well being besides what we ingest. There is no question that the fuel we cram into our bodies probably has the biggest impact. But if there isn't the support structure in place, the food doesn't make a lot of difference.

A great example is the plane that decided to explode at the airport in Japan. It seems like it might have had a hole in the fuel tank. Not a good thing if you're a plane. Nor is a hole a good thing if you're a person.

A hole isn't just something physical. If you're not committed to a raw vegan diet, it won't work. If your focus is not on your life, it won't work. If you're stuck in a cubicle in a converted airplane hanger....(see, I'm not perfect, no matter what Keely might tell you!)

I keep hammering away at a good friend of mine that there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, and putting yourself before all others. Just like the plane that can't carry its passengers without being in top shape, we can't take care of those we love unless we take care of ourselves first.

Sometimes we have to resort to a little extra help from someone like a Doctor (ACK!). In our frame of existence, they do have their place. Although I won't let them make the ultimate decision for my well being (no, wellness is not a real word!). I've picked people who give me the options, and respect my decisions. All my doctors think my raw food choices are great! I'm going to prove them right over the coming months!

Remember, taking care of ourselves doesn't just mean a great raw diet, but taking care of our emotional well being too, or else you'll wind up taking a day off work, trying to find the Kleenex.

Now where's that box.... There it is, hidden behind the pile of mangoes in the.....AH CHEW!

Physician heal thyself....

Check out my dinner. Yes, this is an unsolicited endorsement for The Raw Divas!
They're GREAT!

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Me? Say YOU are perfect?!?! Surely, you jest!!!