Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lunch With A Friend

So I know today was to be an all smoothie day, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. The other night I got an email from our first waiter at Ha Long Bay Asian Kitchen. This is the best Vietnamese restaurant we've eaten in outside of Viet Nam. Larry Hromalik worked at the restaurant for almost two years, but decided that the opportunity to study in Korea was something he couldn't pass up.

So today we met him for lunch. Larry has been studying both Korean and Japanese. He plans to continue on to grad school studying Chinese and Vietnamese (and how many of us just have enough trouble pronouncing nuclear in English?)
As usual our meal at Ha Long Bay was wonderful. Unfortunately for me Larry ordered my favorite dish: Tofu with Lemongrass and Chilies. I came so close, but stuck to dishes that were 80% raw or more.

For an appetizer we had "summer rolls" filled with avocado, and other vegetables. The wrapper was a rice wrapper. This and some noodles were not raw, along with the peanut dipping sauce (with extra Hot sauce to give it a kick!). The main course consisted of a wonderful mango salad.

We plan to meet Larry again in December when he returns from Korea to hear all about his great experiences!

Keely has been reading again. She does this every now and then to remind me that people from Northeast Ohio really can read something besides "Dick and Jane" (the children's version. Please this is a family oriented blog! Yeah, right Bob!) I guess if I'm not able to update my blog for a day or two I'm supposed to give official notice that I'm not going to be blogging. It sort of reminds me of William Shatner on Saturday night live years ago. Billy Boy was speaking to a group of "Trekkies" and pointing out one person looked at him and said "You, I bet you've never been kissed!" (Some of us are proud to be Trekkies who have been kissed too!)

Well, I'm just as bad. There are some blogs that I really enjoy getting updates from. If they go too long without a post I feel like I've missed my favorite TV show. I guess I hope you'll miss me, too, as I travel to Cincinnati for a night to dispense justice to those who wish I'd have stayed home. So stay tuned. In the near future I plan to be highlighing my favorite raw blogs!

Until either Tuesday or Wednesday night just remember, its just life. Don't take yourself so seriously for in the grand scheme of things this is just a moment in your existence. Stop and smell a rose, make a child laugh, do something nice for a coworker, or hug a sheep.....

My thanks to Gene Wilder for that last visual.... (Oh, just when you thought I was going to get totally serious! HAH! NEVAH!)


Keely said...

You had better "Run, Spot. Run"!!! Who is it that keeps asking me how to spell words??? Oh, yeah! That would be YOU!!! [grin]

juancarlos said...

ñam ñam !!!

Heidi and Justin said...


Your blog is a breath of fresh air in the raw world. Your witty commentary about life and raw food is so refreshing. And you get bonus points for being a Trekkie!

~ Heidi
Raw Food Right Now

Bob said...


Few have left me speechless. Hard to do when you're dealing with an attorney.

All I can think to say is "Thank you...." Live long and prosper...