Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Fantasy Fulfilled.....

There have been many requests from Raw Divas to see me in "Official Diva Attire". Well I'm not getting a tattoo on my butt, nor will you find me in high heels or a pink thong anytime soon!

With the help of those with long memories of a hockey blade to the groin, I'm able to bring you the next best thing. After Keely hacked into my blog, and posted a picture of me at a young age, I figured I might as well post a pre-raw picture of me too! Notice the white bread in my hands, the glassy look to the eyes. Off camera you'd find a jar of processed peanut butter, a case of cheap beer, and a marijuana plant hiding behind the curtains in full few of Ohio State University Police.

"Marijuana"? Hey, it was raw! OK, the dorm was having a contest to see who could grow the largest plant by the end of the year, without smoking, eating, or inserting it in some fashion.


Anyway, we're at the halfway point of the Body Enlightenment Program. Both Keely and I went through another cleansing yesterday. Her experience was longer than mine (yes, proof positive that one sex is more full of it than the other!). Of course this is her first real experience at being 100% raw so I expected a longer detox. I couldn't be prouder of her for committing herself to the program!

The next two days are smoothie days. Mangoes have been around a dollar here in Ohio. Right now there are more than a dozen about the size of a large grapefruit waiting for the morning. I figure those should last ....a day maybe?

We'll have to wait and see....


Amy said...

Bob, you guys are so totally the best. =) Thank you! Love the picture and loving the blog. You have such a fun way of sharing. Thank you!

Keely said...

Don't blame me folks. This was LONG before I ever met him!!! [grin]

Anonymous said...

I love it ... I can relate .. I was there too..way back then ... Would love to have seen the pants ..plaid perhaps ??

Thanks guys ..
hugs from MOM