Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rachel Ray Don't Know Yum!

I really wasn't planning on posting tonight. I finally turned off the light last night at 12:05 AM, and at 3:30 AM the storm from hell decided that I'd had enough sleep for the rest of the night.

Of course my wife headed to safer ground, concluding that it was best to let sleeping dogs lie. Needless to say I don't operate well on under four hours of sleep, no matter my diet.

At least she made dinner. Of course she shoved tomorrow's lunch off on me. I'd planned on dumping the ingredients in the container, and going to bed, but then I saw what I'd made. A thing of beauty is something to be shared! This Mango Salad is one of the meals in the Raw Divas' Body Enlightenment System. I've been so impressed with the recipes. Just don't expect me to share their secrets. I have too much respect for them both. Tera and Amy have been a strong guiding force in our lives when it was most needed. The fact that I've lost 6 pounds in the first week isn't too bad either!

Besides a wonderful BES day, my Tiffin came in the mail! Such great service from Tiffin Raw! I love the little devil. The Tiffin provides just enough space for lunch for a person. No, you can't get a 10 piece meal in it, but why do you want to take two lives? The bird has as much right to live as you do! (Oh, God, I've gone and said something controversial! Please don't send me a one year membership to PETA!)

With the weekend fast approaching we're getting our first test. We've received 3 invitations to go out to eat. One is from our good friend Larry Hromalik. Larry used to work at the best Vietnamese restaurant I've eaten in outside of Viet Nam. HaLong Bay Asian Kitchen is within walking distance of our home in north Columbus. Larry is leaving to study in Korea this next week. We just can't let him go without spending some time with him.

The owners of the restaurant are such wonderful people, and know what we're doing. They go out of their way to make sure we have a wonderful time. OK, I'll post their new baby's picture sometime in the near future just to appease the parents in the group. (She is a doll!)

Until next time just remember, there's no such thing as "falling off the wagon". The wagon doesn't exist. We only make choices. Just watch your step and make the choice that's best for you and those you love.

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