Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes Honey, You're Right, I'm Wrong....

Isn't it hard to admit when we're wrong? It shouldn't be. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being wrong. When we realize that we're wrong, we turn the corner down the right path.

Well, I was wrong, and I owe my wife an apology. She was right.

We were in Youngstown, Ohio the other day, and she'd misplaced some weapon that she uses for knitting, and threatening my continued existence with at other times.. She said, "I haven't lost it, I just haven't figured out where I put it yet."

Five minutes later I stopped my head from spinning over the perceived insanity of that statement, and got the car back under control. Unfortunately, my headache lasted for the rest of the night.

People can be really dense, and I'm among the densest at times. It took three days for me to realize the importance of her message.

Today I came out of the local co-op. I was buying what I needed to make the spinach stuffed meatloaf recipe that Teri posted on The Daily Raw (drool). I crossed the street without becoming road kill along with some neighborhood squirrels. There were two posters stapled to the telephone pole. Two families had lost their cats and were offering substantial rewards.

I've been in one of those mellow, a little more laid back, moods. I thought of these two families who had "lost" someone they loved that were a part of their lives.

I then proceeded to bash my head against the pole. I had an epiphany.

Our society has developed an attitude that things end. Our lives end. Our job ends. Experiences end, etc., etc. etc.

But do things really end? Not really. Our bodies don't end, they change. By saying we've "lost" something we've declared an end to some thing's existence.

The term "lost" is not as positive as "I just haven't remembered where I left it". My wife's approach to what she couldn't find at the moment was a much more positive and a much more mature approach to life in general.

No "religion" (provide your own definition for that one please. I'm not touching it.) that I know of, preaches an end to life. Life doesn't end, life changes. The body doesn't really die, it changes.

We don't lose friends, we gain new friends.

Think of how much fulfilling our lives can be if we shift the way with think from a life of loss, to a life of searching for the changes that we place around us every day.

Will you find what you thought was lost, or might you find something that far exceeds your expectations. That my friends is part of the lesson, and the real crux of the journey.

How does this apply to raw foods? How doesn't it apply to raw foods.

Take the first step, and trust your instincts by answering this question on your own. Don't lose things anymore, change your lives and the way you think. Start your journey anew.

You might even surprise yourself....


Keely said...

egads!!! I'm so profound, I astound myself!!! [grin]

Bob Bush said...

Thank God I married someone with no ego! ;-)

Teri said...

You two are made for each other. :) Great post!

Anonymous said...

Dang! I just hate it when you're right, Bob! You and your "ephianies," making the rest of us rather intelligent people seem as if we don't have a clue. (Between this realization and being a blonde, I'm screwed!)

Remind me to bonk you in the head if I ever meet you in person!

~Cindy ;)

EcoDea said...

Hey, great post! I'm always trying to do that (voice myself positively), but it's so hard! Its amazing how much everyone is negative all the time and how much time we spend talking about negative things...