Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Just call me that Mad Hatter, but I'm really crazy about this WHOOPS!, almost said the "s" word!

So what is the picture? Its a raw birthday cake, what else? I was challenged by a Raw Diva who was looking for a special birthday cake that would fit the Body Enlightenment System program.

So what is the recipe? There's only 3 ingredients. Watermelon, bananas, and strawberries (I'm not including the candle since most people tend to not eat it because of the waxy build-up in their stomachs!)

Ready? Got your crayons and paper? OK. Take one seedless watermelon and cut it into the shapes you want to serve your guests. Take enough bananas and strawberries and shove their bodies in a blender. Blend their corpses (making you really hungry aren't I?) until you've got an icing. You might have to add more bananas if the icing is too thin. Then assemble your cake by using the banana-strawberry icing, and your watermelon as you would any layer cake!

This only took me 5 minutes, and passed the "Keely Taste Test". Keely's my tester. If she'll eat it, anyone will.

Keep it simple, and use your imagination! You don't really need a lot of ingredients for a delicious meal!


Teri said...


What a beautiful picture. Koodos for thinking outside the box, you are too creative!

Bob Bush said...

Cám ón! (Vietnamese for "Thank you!") Truly high praise coming from one as creative as you are!

Anonymous said...

I love this! thank you for sharing it with everyone! :) It looks so professional! (the food & the photo!)


Kristen's Raw said...

Gorgeous! So pretty in pink :) I love it AND I want to bite into it.

I'm in love with watermelon. Actually, I'm surprised I'm not pink myself...with all the watermelon I ate this summer. A-ha! Maybe that's why my cheeks have been a little rosy this summer. From the sunshine? Nah!!! From the watermelon! (haha)

Kristen's Raw