Monday, September 3, 2007

Laboring My Day Away

Normal people would be out walking around the park, tossing the dog, kicking a football (or is that kicking the dog, and tossing the football?). Me? I'm fixing food for the next several days.

In the past 24 hours I've made "English Muffins" from a post on http:/ I've made "Oh My This is a Tuna!" which was recently posted on the blog The Sunny Raw Kitchen. Then there was the Spanish Scramble from Ani Phyo's book "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen".

I've still got the eggless egg salad from "Raw Food, Right Now", and some onion bread to make.

Oh, and then there's the "Eggplant Parmesan" that I made for lunch. I don't have the recipe ready yet to publish, but Keely said its a keeper! Here's a picture to tempt your taste buds!

This next weekend I'm planning (between Tai Chi, a wedding, and lunch out with a friend...WHEW!) to pick out a great recipe from one of Kristen Suzzanne's books, and report back next week. You can check out her books at "Kristen's Raw". I could make it easy and post her link here, instead of making you look under my favorite links, but there are some thing's that are worth the work, like "Kristen's Raw"! Oh, just click on the link on the right side of the page, fourth down, under my favorite links. OK! Here it is lazy!

Until next time, don't forget to do your own research and listen to your body. Its been screaming about all the garbage you've been shoving in it since birth. Don't you think its about time to start listening?

Oh, and for people in Scotland and other parts of the world who aren't familiar with our strange ways (but know we're strange) in the States, Labor Day is a day that was declared by President Grover Cleveland at the end of a bad Pullman (as in trains) strike. Its a day when laborers celebrate their jobs (most of which are being outsourced) and their families. So we all hit the Labor Day sales forcing all of those working entry level jobs to wait on us... (I think I'm being sarcastic there, aren't I?)

Labor Day has nothing to do with motherhood. Hallmark's got Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, and a few days they haven't released to the general public yet, covered.


Keely said...

You know, Bob... for supposedly hating Hallmark so much, you sure do give them enough free publicity by mentioning them in about every other post!!! [grin]

Bob Bush said...

Education is the most important thing. Don't you think that people were educated in dealing with Typhoid?

Anonymous said...

Great Pics Bob! You seem to be a budding raw chef! :)


Bob Bush said...

Thank you RVM! I just wish I could capture the smell of the food too! Preparing raw foods can be so relaxing, I'm trying to find more low fat recipes too!