Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Have You Got?

This is 1968 Dearies, not 1948!
What the hell you got 1968?
That makes you so damn superior?
(And gives me such a headache!)
Well if you really want to know 1948!
I got life Mother
I got laughs Sister
I got freedom Brother....
-I Got Life

I remember bringing the soundtrack from Hair home, and playing the song "Sodomy" for my mother. I think that was the year she gave up on me, realizing that I would someday fall from grace by becoming a lawyer.

I was twelve years old when these words were first sung in New York City, and audiences gasped as men and women bared their souls (and asses) on stage.

To me the song highlights the differences in generations. The people of 1948 had lived through a world war. Millions had died, and our world had stepped back from the brink of disaster. For the first time in recorded history the United States had used a nuclear weapon against their fellow human beings.

Where are those men and women who danced in the mud at Woodstock. Where are the voices who called for an end to slavery, and inequality. Where are the people who called for religious freedom, and the right to love those they wished to love.

Its been almost forty years. A lot of those people are paying $100.00 a week to fill their Hummers, and sending their children, and children's children off to die for their right to drive the beast.

They're counting their 401Ks, and making plans to retire to a community in Florida or some other warm region of the world.

Those men and women have relinquished their rights and responsibilities, popping their pills, and shrugging their shoulders.

Those people are the walking dead.

Are you mad at me? I hope so! I planned it that way. I'm tired of the people who sit back and don't take responsibility for their actions. I'm tired of the people who clamor for the pill so they'll be assured of an erection when the "time is right"!

How many times do you have to hear the words "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT"?

Are people who claim to be raw foodists much different than the "flower children" of the late 1960's? Some are, some aren't.

Just like the 1960's there are the Pied Pipers, saying follow me, throw me your alms!

There are those who wear the buttons, and hats, like the hypocrites who go to church, temple, mosque, or whatevah, and then ignore the teachings the other six days.

But then there are the people who honestly believe in this lifestyle. We don't claim perfection, nor do we claim to have the answers. We know that we are human, and are on a magical tour that can open doors if we are strong enough to turn our backs on the conventional.

Many of you might have heard the teaching "If you meet the Buddha on the road kill him". I'm sure you'll find many explanations for this saying. The one I like the best is that the true answers lie within each and every one of us. When we listen we'll come to the realization that being a raw foodist and taking responsibility for what we eat, also requires us to take responsibility for our living conditions, our thoughts, our actions, and our environment.

As a raw foodist we can't sit back and let others make our decisions for us.

If all you want to do is change what you eat, and not what you think or do, you might as well go back to your old way of eating.

In a little over two months it will have been forty years since 1968. Let's not forgot where we've been, and make a conscious effort to change the next forty years for the good of the world...

I hope that the majority of you realize that what I've written might just have a shred of truth to it, as you are already making the changes in your life. You're thinking about what you eat, and the impact of your diet on your world. Seek out those that you are comfortable with, and share ideas, recipes, and life!

Oh, my other favorite line from Hair?

"Shit....I ain't dying for no white man!" (or clown, King, girl with pigtails, or any other Madison Avenue creation!).

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