Sunday, September 23, 2007


So you blew it. You fell off the wagon. You ate cooked food. You might have even eaten of the body of another living creature.

Now you’re miserable. You’re shuffling around the house, causing others to think how to easily end your suffering.

Well, I really love telling you this, but SO WHAT? Who have you hurt (well, there is the animal flesh that had to come from something living, but I'm going to guess you didn't kill something)? What you ate didn’t cause a bomb to go off. It didn’t result in some child going hungry in a third world country.

What you did was make a choice. Most importantly, it was your choice. No one forced you to eat what you ate. There was no gun to your head, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with what you did. Honestly, I’m glad you ate what you did.

OH GOD! You’re happy that I ate something bad for me?

Not in the least. I'm happy that you made a choice. If you didn’t want to eat whatever it was that you ate, you wouldn’t have put it in your mouth.

Haven’t you got the idea yet? I’m not about to take the responsibility for what you’ve done. I’m not going to give you that “out”. Wake up and take responsibility for your actions!

But you’ve got so much responsibility already, I hear you whine. I hear you say that you don’t need the extra stress.

Do you really think that handing something you could do yourself to another person to make the decision for you doesn’t create even more stress? If you’ve got someone looking over your shoulder, you’re going to be more concerned about making them happy, than making yourself happy. Who is more important anyway?

Think about this. When you take responsibility for what you put in your body, you wind up giving yourself the foods you need to make yourself the happiest you can be. When you take the chance to plan your meals, you make informed choices. The more informed you are, the better choices you'll make in the future. Its a nice vicious circle that will help you, not hurt you.

Nothing that you do on your journey through life is wrong. If what you do was wrong for you, you wouldn’t have done it to begin with. You eat when you eat, to nourish your body, mind and soul. Even when you make the decision not to eat something because it doesn't agree with you, you've nourished your body by taking the healthier path!

There is no wagon to fall off of as you travel a raw path to health. Some people might try to convince you otherwise. They might tell you that you've sinned against some higher power if you haven't followed their proven path to a raw lifestyle, but I'll bet you that they're trying to sell you something at the same time.

Just remember that some of your steps may be forward, some may be backward. What ever steps you take, make sure that they’re your own steps, for only you know what path is the right path for your life!


Teri said...

Amen, to that! A wise man you are
Bob, a wise man.

Bob Bush said...

I have wonderful teachers! Thank you!

Margaret said...

Too majorly funny, and too true, and way useful post... I so love what you have said.
We all have to learn that we are human (and, also, that those around us are human), and that we can make choices that we don't necessarily consciously agree with.
Once we accept that we have made a choice counter to what we believe is right, all we need to do is make the next choice conform to what we believe is right.
In reality, there is no right or wrong. There is only what we believe to be right. That is what we strive to conform to. If we stray, we can always bring ourselves back to what we believe is right. We do this daily in all areas of our lives, but, for some strange reason, when we stray from our concepts of what is right diet-wise, we often figure that all is lost, and we continue to do what we know is not right.
What we always need to understand is that the next meal can be different... can conform to what we believe is right.
Each meal we eat is a separate entity. Once we understand that, we can begin to handle our "transgressions", forgive ourselves, and move on to the next meal, and make it conform to the things we want to do.
Sometimes, this might be a meal by meal process, and sometimes it might be just a momentary digression. Regardless, each meal is a new opportunity to do what we believe is right.

Heidi said...

Bob, the image of the "sinner" was just too funny!

~ Heidi

EcoDea said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog and I wanted to say I'm really enjoying it.