Sunday, September 16, 2007

Homicide or Suicide, Which is More Socially Acceptable?

These are our friends Katie and Kara. No, they have not killed each other, or us, nor are any of us planning on doing any of the aforementioned acts of violence to each other, as the title of this blog might suggest.

OK, so get to the point Bush, what mental exercise are you playing this time. Well, the four of us got together recently at a local tea house. Katie started the ball rolling wondering what a squirrel's tail felt like. Of course Keely had to chime in, and the four of us decided that the tail probably felt like a guinea pig's fur (if you could get the squirrel to sit long enough to feel the tail. They tend to be more worried about burying their nuts about now. WATCH IT!)

Anyway, Kara then asked the question, "Which is more socially acceptable, homicide or suicide?", and we were off to the races.... (Our conversations tend to be as far reaching as our imaginations. Really magical!)

How much of a difference is there really between homicide and suicide. Both are the taking of a life. I think that most of use would agree that life is precious, and something that we don't really have a right to end.

Let's take a look at suicide. When we commit suicide, we take our own life though the introduction of some substance meant to end our breathing and the rest of our body's functions. Do we have a right to commit suicide? Why not? It is our body...or is it?

There is a thought that we actually have more control over our lives than we like to admit. Some beliefs hold tight to the thought that we control the moment of our birth and death, and that there really is no such thing as a victim. Terms like "the devil made me do it" are nothing more than a easy way out of taking responsibility for our actions.

Don't worry, I'm getting there.

So how does this apply to a raw foodist? Like I should have to tell you?

Think back to the time you went through your first detox, after switching from dead foods. Remember looking at a tree, and seeing how detailed the leaves were? Remember how much brighter the sun was, and how everything around you felt alive?

Now try an experiment. Just a small one. Walk out the door, and walk down the street to the local carryout. Pick out that one piece of processed garbage that you used to revel in when you were growing up. It might be one of those banana cream filled things that never seem to age no matter the shelf life. It could be a box of cereal filled with different shapes, and tons of sugar.

Take your purchase and go sit in the park (pick a safe park please!). If you don't already know what will happen, open your purchase and take a bite. Now, wait and listen. Listen to your taste buds. Listen to your body. Listen to the world around you, the colors, the birds, the life. Listen to things slowing down, and wanting to run away from what you just did to your existence.

Did you just commit suicide? You probably destroyed some cells, and shortened your overall time on the planet, but I hope you found the lesson worth it. Sometimes we need the kick in the butt to remind us of the reasons for our journey. Would we cherish the rainbow as much without the storm? Do we cherish good health as much without the occasional reminder of how we feel without taking full responsibility for our actions. Our body is as alive as we are, and will will do everything it can to guide us down the right path if only we listen.

Don't think that you really have to conduct this experiment, especially if you are under a doctor's care. God forbid! The whole thing can be done in your mind. Just sit back and allow yourself to step back to that time in your life when you didn't realize the necessity of treating your body in a healthy and respectful manner. Then take a moment to tell that earlier you, to tell that person who is still trying to discover their own path through life, that they need not worry. Help is just a breath, and a mouthful, away.....

Our choices in life can be a form of suicide, or even homicide. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to our body, and to those around us. Food is the most personal choice we have as it impacts our lives at the very cellular level.

Don't just eat. Think what you eat. Take responsibility by making healthy choices. Even eating raw foods can be bad if you don't listen to your body, and combine your food in ways to let your body live, and share in a life of joy!

Now I hope you got all that!

If you ever get to the Columbus area make sure you check out the place where Katie (without the glasses) and Kara (bet you probably figured out she's the one with the glasses already didn't you?) work called The Raisin Rack. Its the best independently operated health food store in Central Ohio! Say "Hi" to Jan while you're there too. We've known him for close to 15 years. He's a great person and a wealth of information (as are Katie and Kara too!).

(OK Don. Now you can put the gallon jugs of Organic Apple Juice on sale, as we're getting low! Of course I use bottled organic apple juice. Sure I'm cutting a corner, but are you going to really suggest that you'd rather I pick up an egg sandwich from some clown on the way into the hanger? No, its not as good as firing up the Champion Juicer at 5:30 in the morning, but its a lot better than the alternative, and I'm not perfect...just ask Keely, she'll tell you!)

If you found a typo, don't worry, it will soon disappear. My editor is still asleep. We were up late with the ladies of "The Raw Divas"! They started a new round of the BES last night, and we are so excited! Talk about a great group of people!

HEY CINDY! (She's my new Body Enlightenment System Buddy!)

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