Sunday, September 30, 2007


Have you been reading the blog "Raw Food, Right Now"? You need to read it "right now".

I recommend Heidi and Justin's blog because of their common sense approach to a raw lifestyle, and because of their continuing support of The Raw Divas.

Like all lifestyles the raw foods "movement" has its fanatics. These are people who feel you're going to hell if you don't eat 100% raw. Sure, its possible, but unless you're going to adopt a monastic way of life its not easy to change. Its not easy to make the commitment.

About 5 years ago I spent a week at a Buddhist retreat in Estes Park, Colorado. It was a retreat hosted by Thich Nhat Hanh. He explained that people shouldn't turn their backs on their religious background. I came away believing that Buddhism is a practice to help people embrace, and enhance their lives. I have grown to realize that this teaching doesn't apply to just our spirituality, put applies to all portions of our lives, including what we eat.

It would be wonderful if we could turn our backs on cooked foods, and embrace raw foods without ever giving a thought to cooked foods. But let's get real!

In my case I've got a 50 year history with cooked foods. When I was growing up I ate lobster, roast beef, and all types of animals. Should I look at back at that person as evil? Of course not. It would be like cutting off my hand because of a hangnail!

I could go on, and on, about the lunacy of some in the raw foods movement. We need to remember that we are all on a search for health, that leads us down different paths. Some are longer paths, and some are shorter paths, but they lead to the same end. Don't walk away because you can't live up to someone elses expectations. Adding even a little raw foods to your diet is much better than eating an all cooked diet!

So make sure to check out "Raw Foods, Right Now". I love it when they rant.

Oh, and don't forget to listen to Heidi's first Podcast with THE RAW DIVAS! Tera and Amy are really doing great things for people who want to add more and more raw foods to their life. They realize the necessity of communication and community. They realize that we are all searching for a better life. The Divas realize that there are no correct answers to our questions, except those answers we find for ourselves.


Amy said...

Thanks Bob! We couldn't have said it better!

Bob Bush said...

Oh, come on Amy. Where do you think I get my lines anyway but from you and Tera! Divas Rock! ;-)

Nikki said...

Well put Bob. I like your attitude (and that of Raw Food, Right now) my experience, being fanatical right off the bat makes this more like a diet than a lifestyle. I'm enjoying incorporating Raw Foods into my meals and taking my time to figure out how exactly they fit into my life.

Less stress about eating 100% raw, organic, superfoods, vitamins, whatever = less stress in life!

~ Nikki

Bob Bush said...

Thanks Nikki! You're right on track in my book!