Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Honest Sunday

Before I delve deeper into a day of food preparation for the next few days of living, I thought I'd drop by and post something original. There is a thought that everything that is written, has already been done, and what we do today is just a variation upon the original theme. (There goes any thought of writing the great American novel!)

We graduated this last week from the Raw Divas' "Body Enlightenment System". Its been a wonderful 30 days, and we're not stopping. We've branched out, testing our bodies. We actually had a vegan "cooked" meal the other day, and learned what it was like to swallow a bowling ball whole. The food tasted great, but our bodies were sluggish, and rebelled in the most unpleasant of ways (which is not good on a hot day, with the car windows rolled up, and 150 miles to drive!).

We're learning that we do not control our bodies. We live in cooperation with our bodies. When we listen to the signals we are given, and treat our bodies as asked, it provides us with the support to enjoy our surroundings. It allows us to spread our wings and take flight.

We love the Divas! They realize that honesty in dealing with people is more important than anything else. They don't hide behind titles, and keep their hearts pinned to their shoulders for the people they deal with to see.

Like any movement, the Raw Food lifestyle has its gurus, rock stars, and charlatans. It is a "raw" movement, seeking its balance in a world gone awry. It is a powerful movement, energizing those who partake of its bountiful table.

Like all things in life, you must listen to your heart. Seek your own balance, and do what you feel is the best for your life and body. Not everyone will ring true, but all have a ring of truth embedded in their message.

The raw food movement it like an onion. Sometimes you have to peel back the layers to determine whether the onion is sweet, or fiery.

Like all things in life, do your research. If someone demands your attention, if they demand your respect, RUN LIKE HELL! No one is entitled to your respect. Respect is something that is earned.

Beware of those selling snake oil. You'll be able to tell them as they are wrapped in their own "bling".

The most important thing when it comes to your journey is to be honest with yourself. Never surrender your own innate ability to choose the path that is right for you.

You might ask why my blog is titled "Legally Raw". Remember, in my very first post I talked about the fact that I'm an attorney. I'm not in private practice, and when I'm away from work, law is the last thing I want to discuss. The Raw lifestyle is something that you can do without anyone's permission. It harms no one, and empowers those who have discovered the changes it can have on their lives. Being raw is something that is "legal" for anyone, hence the title "Legally Raw". The title has nothing to do with "law".

Oh, right, now to get serious! I picked up a new recipe book the other day called "The Raw Transformation" by Wendy Rudell. I haven't had much time to explore it yet, but when I start salivating over the recipes, I know its going to be good! Check her out! We've exchanged a few emails, and I'm very impressed with this lady!

Now for the kitchen. I'm hoping to get to Kristen Suzanne's recipes this weekend. Now there's a woman with some creativity! I can't wait for her next collection of recipes! More on Kristen in the very near future! For now I've posted a link to her site where you can check out some of her recipes, and you can purchase her ebooks for yourself too!

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