Saturday, November 3, 2007

Come One, Come All, To Kristen's Raw!

So when was the last time you checked out Kristen's Raw? You haven't? Well, after you're done reading me, jump over to her site! No, forget that football game. I think that your spouse, friend, whatevah, can fend for themselves for a little bit longer. Tell them that they are more than capable of getting their fat butts up out of their chairs and getting their own glass of water. Besides, a game is a game. I think that my life is a little more important than who wins the NCAA national championship (as is most everything else more important that I can think of in the world around me, especially Keely! Can I please have an 'AWWW' for that?)

Why am I so excited about Kristen? She's got two new recipe e-books out! (Thought I was going somewhere else with this one didn't you!)

Its the easiest things in life that impress me even more and more, and when I see a recipe for "raw maple syrup" I lunge!

Her two new recipe books are Kristen Suzanne's EASY Raw Dehydrating, and Kristen Suzanne's EASY Raw Holidays. Who can resist "Oktoberfest Raw German Chocolate Brownies", or a "Holiday Not-Meatloaf" which are just two of the recipes in her Raw Holidays e-book.

Oh, and of course to keep my Excalibur happy in her dehydrating recipe book there's "Green Beans with Garlic Sauce", "Sunny Italian Patties" and "Savory Crispy Zucchini Noodles". (I'd say "YUMO" but Rachel Ray just grates on my nerves! I don't like "baby talk"!)

So please, jump over to Kristen's site and check out all of her recipe e-books. She's made it really easy to buy, and download them directly to your computer. I'm sure you'll be as happy as I've been with her books. I've got them all!

On a personal note, make sure to flood Keely's websites on Thursday, November 8TH. ITS HER BIRTHDAY! (Send money and I'll tell you that she's going to be...... No, I won't tell you that she was born in 19....)

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Keely said...

Sorry, Bob! You'll be getting no money. [grin] If they go to either of my blogs they will see that I proudly post my age in my profile!!!

Thanks for the warm fuzzies, though!!!