Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rain Drops on Roses, and Whiskers on Kittens

I thought I'd take time out to highlight a few of my favorite sites on the Internet. I was driven to this because a person that I admire left such a wonderful comment on one of my posts. So as a way of thanking her I'll start with her site.

Have you been to Freshtopia? Tanja Andrews, the host of this great site, is, well, FANTASTIC! Freshtopia has a series of videos that you can download, or just watch, showing you how to make a number of raw recipes. These aren't your usual videos that someone with a 20 year old camcorder has posted on some site. These are professionally produced, crammed with information you can use, laugh your butt off, videos that anyone interested in their health should have in their library. Tanja has a great screen presence that has you smiling within the first few seconds, and heading off to the grocery as soon as she's done. (Thank you Tanja, you've taught me so much, while letting me have fun, and laugh with you too!)

Jumping several thousand miles across the big pond, there's The Raw Food Coach, Karen Knowler. Karen lives in England and used to be the Managing Director of The Fresh Network. She is the author of several great books that you can download and start using today!

Speaking of downloading books, take a moment and jump to Raw Food, Right Now! Heidi and Justin Ohlander have you covered for Thanksgiving. Their little Thanksgiving ebook is on sale, and just can't be passed up. Justin had it right when he said that Heidi's raw egg salad recipe is used as money around the world. If you're looking for something to shock your cannibalistic friends, this is the recipe. Add a little green onion, and some raw pickles from Bubbies, and your friends will be amazed! Just one warning about the recipe. Double it or you'll be sorry!

I've written several times about Kristen's Raw. Well, Kristen Suzanne has put out some wonderful recipe books. She's added two more ebooks in the last few weeks. There's now a dehydrating and a holiday recipe book. All books are ebooks, and just wonderful! I just had some of her "maple syrup" on some raw French toast this morning. I'm purring! Oh, she's so good.

Do you like to make challenging recipes? Well, then Russel James is your man! This Raw Chef is a real challenging Chef. If you're familiar with, and liked Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein's book "Raw", then you'll just love Russel's site. (I figured I better include at least one man in this blog.)

Speaking of recipes, Teri, will you adopt me? I want to be one of your test subjects just like your children! OK, I'll just keep using all those wonderful recipes you keep posting on your site The Daily Raw Cafe. Now excuse me, but I have to make another batch of Basil Limeade. I've got to use up some lemons, so I'll tell you how it works. Man are you great!

There's one site out there that really isn't connected to anyone but those interested in raw foods. The site "Gone Raw" is a recipe sharing site. There are more than 2300 members, and more than 1300 recipes. Membership is free, and you even get a recipe box so that you can store your favorite recipes! I don't know who these people are who have developed this site, but their generosity and support of the raw community is to be applauded!

It was Heidi Ohlander who helped me discover The Raw Divas! These ladies have already been the subject of many posts. What can I say about Tera's bubbly infectious ultra supportive personality, and Amy's awesome work as a graphic artist in addition to her unending work building a fantastic program! Oh, these two women wear me out!

Tera and Amy are two truly life changing people. They have developed programs to help people seek their maximum health. I shy away from dictatorial, preachy people. I like people who listen and provide me with information and options so that I can make my own decisions as to how I plan to live out my life. If you want a fun, supportive, informational program, where you can learn about others, and yourself, while having a great time, then the Raw Divas are for you!

The Divas have just published their new program in dealing with cravings. I've just started to delve into the program, but what little I've read shows that not only have they done their homework, and they've got another winner!

What are my most favorite sites of all? My wife's of course. Would you expect any less of me? (At least until I buy a softer and newer couch to sleep on at night.) Keely's got two great blogs. One blog deals with her raw diva travels, and the second is what she describes as her "happy little corner on the web". You'll find some of her arts and crafts there. Both sites are not to be missed!

I know that there are several sites listed under my favorites. I don't mean to slight anyone. Sunny Raw Kitchen is wonderful, as is Melissa Gilbert's "Love Raw Life". I can highly recommend all of these sites.

But do yourself a favor and go to Raw Food, Right Now! Heidi and Justin have compiled a list of Raw Blogs. Make your own list and share it today!

"Eat my pickles. Wear clean underwear. Marry a doctor."
-Bubbies' Slogan


freshtopia said...

Thank you so much for the glowing review! We've linked to you on our "Friends of Freshtopia" page.

All my best,

Amy said...

Thanks Bob! You're the greatest! I hope you enjoy your week off from the hangar!