Monday, October 8, 2007


No, not that! I'm not running for a political office here in the United States. Besides I'm a Raw Buddhist Lawyer. (Now that should make your head spin!)

I have found the recipe that I've been looking for this past week. I wasn't planning on posting anything for another day or two, but I've got to share this one.

I can be lazy. I'm human! Live with it!

I can't stand making almond milk. Let's be honest here. Soaking the almonds, blending the almonds, and straining the almonds, is nothing more than a major pain in the ass.

Now I'm not so lazy that I'll go buy a box of almond milk. Its not raw. OK, neither will our almonds be raw because of the idiots in our Federal Government who are listening to the lobbyists, who are paid by the people who want to sell the new machines and make money (Gee, is money really the root of all evil?) by killing our food, so they can make more money selling their drugs. (Sounds like we're playing "Kevin Bacon" doesn't it?) Besides, boxed almond milk is too expensive, and usually tastes like crap.

In walks Kate Wood (LOVE YOU KATIE!) with her book, "Eat Smart, Eat Raw". On page 156 you'll find:

Nut Milk

2 Tablespoons almond butter
8 ounces water

Blend for a few minutes. Strain and serve. Add date, banana, or apple concentrate if sweetener is desired.

How much sweeter can making almond milk get. So I say get lazy. There's nothing wrong with saving time. Oh, and go buy the book!

Kara and Murmur too of course. (Yeah, don't worry. The person this last sentence is meant for gets the hidden message. Just keep wondering. I'm not telling!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I will be trying this soon. It will be lighter to take home and I need the non-cow milk for cereal. I stopped eating cereal for years due to milk allergy. Found some organic cereals I like that do not bother me like regular cereals do. Tried making almond milk but it was not easy to store. Made too much or not enough. This will help make just what I need each time. In case I go days before I need it again. Thanks! I am so far behind on everything but hope to read more of your blog and Keely's soon. Out of time for today!