Sunday, October 14, 2007


OK, so I'm not very good at puns. My attempt at humor can be more "pun"ishing than most anything else. But I try.

So what's my naughty little secret? What do I like to eat without abandon?



We've heard all the bad things about this rock. It stops cells from growing. It kills food. It drives our blood pressure up, and causes us to retain water. Salt can harden our arteries and lead to a premature trip to becoming lawn trout. We even use salt to melt the snow on our roads so that we can deplete more of fossil fuels in search of more salt!

But there's one thing about salt that we can all agree on:

Damn salt tastes good!

Salt has taken on a new status in food preparation. The cardboard container with the little girl holding her umbrella has been relegated to the dark corners of the grocery store. Today salt is a gourmet item. You can buy salts of all kinds online. There's "truffles and salt" (3.5 oz. for a little over $22.00), or Murray River Pink Flake for $32.00 a pound!

I have my favorites. Himalayan Pink has a wonderful flavor. Mild, yet it does not have that harsh chemical taste. It make flavors jump in your mouth. Of course the Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt is orgasmic!

Just like anything we eat, salt can be dangerous. We must always seek a balance in our lives. I try to listen to my body. Sure there are things I might eat that are far from healthy, but that's my life and my right. But can you imagine a great Italian tomato sauce without salt?

If we can drink, and use a good wine to enhance our foods, and food experiences, there is no reason why we can't do the same with any food ingredient like salt. But just like wine, don't overdue it. Eat and drink responsibly!

Oh, and if you've got a "Whole Foods" in your area, the salts are carried back with the cheeses. Now if I can convince Don to expand his salt Rack I won't have to make the trip across town! (Go ahead and click on the link for a wonderful experience. NO, the Internet is not just for Porn!)

Now where's the shaker?

Where's Dr. Laura! LAURA GIVE IT BACK!

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