Sunday, October 7, 2007

How Time Flies!

Has it been five days since my last post? It seems like only five hours! Sorry, but life's been tough, and my heads been spinning from all the work at work.

I know, I know, stop whining, we've all got a lot of work! But its a national past time for Americans, ranking right up there with baseball, football, Britney Spears' private parts, and the drugs we take. Isn't America a wonderful place to live? We can be so high class at times!

The really nice thing about whining is that it takes our mind off of all the more important things in life. No, I'm not back to Britney. I'm talking about your life.

NO, not your life in a "tabloid" way. Sorry, unless you're married to an alien (outer space alien), or have the inside track on where a politician hides their brains these days, your life just isn't interesting enough to make one of the rags (i.e. Fox News).

What I'm talking about is your day to day interactions with yourself. This doesn't include the person you love and live with, your children or anyone else that you co-exist with. I'm talking about that person you look at every morning in the mirror.

Don't try to break the mirror. Just remember that you're not stuck with that person. You can change who you are. You can wear different clothes. You can stop your road to cancer, and throw away the cigarettes. You don't have to eat the same foods as everyone else eats for fear of being considered crazy.

Let's stop and look at that last sentence. That's so well written I think I'll repeat myself. Add a little color and bold type. You don't have to eat the same foods as everyone else eats for fear of being considered crazy.

Guess what? There are people out there who already think that you're crazy. They think you're crazy because you cross your legs when you sit down. They think you're crazy because you snort when you laugh (that one can be hard to refute!). They think you're crazy because you are you!

Should you care? Many of you do care. But you can't do a thing about anyone's but your own thoughts. You can't control what anyone does with their own lives. The only person you can control is yourself!

Oh, I hear it now. But I love them! IF YOU LOVE THEM LET THEM GO!

We've all heard that line before: "Let them go". I consider this the true meaning of love. Let the person walk their own path. Let them make their own choices. Let them learn their own lessons. This doesn't mean turn your back on those you love. Your job is to stand beside the path, and be ready when they ask for help. Your job is not to lead them down your path. Let them walk their path, as you walk your path.

So don't worry about the looks you get when you sit down with your Tiffin full of medjool dates stuffed with almond butter, a fluffy green salad, and a great big piece of "Spinach Stuffed Meatloaf" from The Daily Raw. You've got the right to make your own decisions as to how you want to lead your life.

Thank those around you who mean well, and let them continue on their own path. Don't be surprised if one of those people approach you on the sly and ask for more information on your raw lifestyle. Give of the information freely, without being dogmatic, or preachy. Even the carnivores have a right to eat the little animals of the world.

Be open to the world around you, and allow others their freedom. We live in a wonderful time. There are so many challenges and opportunities for growth in our world. But first we must learn to listen to those around us, and allow them their freedom too! (Oh, could that open a whole different train of thought!)

As a side note, I had a wonderful experience last night! (There's a tabloid writer somewhere just hoping that this will be the next paying article...SORRY!) I love teasing a friend about her email program. She uses Outlook (OK, that's a really big mistake. Check out Mozilla and their browser's ThunderbirdFirefox! Neither program has locked up on me yet, Bill Gates!). Every now and then Outlook changes the dates. I'll get a response from her to a recent email that appears to have been sent three months earlier.

This person has her own blog. I noticed last night as I was catching up on some 125 blog entries that I've missed over the last several days that she posted on March 10, 2007, and sent her a note that her computer "barfed" again.

Each person sees life differently. She's used a different date format. 3-10-2007 isn't March 10, 2007, its the third day of the 10Th month, 2007 or October 3, 2007.

Remember, or worlds are different. Accept that truth, and then revel in the experiences, and choices before you. Live life to its fullest, and never be afraid to say you're wrong....

Thanks again for the lesson:

(I just love the country western theme. Oh, I've got some better pictures. I'll share them, and tell you more about her next week. I just won't share all the pictures I've got. She's definitely "Daddy's Girl".)

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