Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Slug It Out!

Meet my friend. He's a slug.

What's his name? Like you should ask. His name is Sluggo, what else?
Don't ask me how I know that Sluggo is a male and not a female. I don't speak slug, and I have no plans on asking for proof. I doubt if I could tell anyway.

So what's with the slug? Why should there be anything more than the fact that he's a slug.

Look at him. He's long, he's slimy, and he's got two antler's that look like he could be wearing either the crown of a King or the crown of a Fool. But when all is said and done, he's still a slug.

Are we really any different than a common slug?

Strip away the facade. Take away all of the masks we wear. Remove the clothes, the titles, the Botox. Strip away all of the preconceptions and are we other than a mass of atoms, held together in an ideal of an existence. Are we any more than Sluggo?

Or is Sluggo more than what we are?

Look at the slug. He's a slug. He lives in the moment. He has no aspirations other than being. He's not worrying about his idiot supervisor, or whether he can afford the new HD TV that his neighboring slug has in his hovel. He exists, and he lives....

Oh, but I could spend just a moment as a slug. To live in the moment. To be one with my environment, to listen to the world and eat food not to satisfy my ego, but to satisfy my life.

Maybe being a slug isn't really that bad. Be he Fool, or be he King, he is...and isn't that enough?


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL ..A slug you say .. .. Yup .. wouldn't it be great to live like a slug ... till someone stepped on you and you could not get away fast enough ..
I always thought being a bird would be the life to have .. few and easy .. see life from a different perspective .. and happily whistling a merry tone ..
You be the slug.. I'll be the bird .. hmmm .. do birds eat slugs???

Was just checking out your blog as I am at work in the late evening .. great blog .. BOB !!
Keep smilin

Anonymous said...

ps: sholud be free and easy.. maybe you figured that out all by yourself .. :)