Saturday, March 29, 2008


What's this crap about watermelon? Well, when you haven't eaten for 24 hours, the experience of having the watermelon juice running down your arms can be the most wonderful experience of your life!

No, I haven't changed my mind. I still believe that a long term fast is harmful to the body, well at least my body. But there's nothing wrong with starting the spring Body Enlightenment System (BES) off with a 24 hour fast.

Yes, the Raw Divas (not the WWE Raw Divas, I'm talking about the beautiful, classy smart Raw Divas!), are at it again. Keely and I are in the thick of things as usual. So what's different this year?

I'm riding a bicycle.

Now most people wouldn't be surprised by that fact, unless you actually knew of my aversion to anything that required an expenditure of energy. But I like it. Because of the rain, I've only been out twice. But that's twice I've actually done the path at Highbanks Metro Park without breaking anything on the bike, myself, or anyone I've passed. (Ite helped that people jumped off the bike path when I got near them!)

I'm enjoying my Schwinn Sierra GS. Its a nice "weekend warrior" 21-speed bike. Don't ask my what I need 21 speeds for. All my bikes growing up had one speed, and it was measured by how fast I could pedal.

So expect more posts as we start a new BES journey, and I learn how to ride a bike after 30 years. (Could I have 25 days in the pool as to when I scrap the first knee!)

My thanks to the people at Performance Bicycles for helping get me back on the path! Here's to my first "century"!

Now excuse me while I go get naked and soak in a herbal bath for the next 20 minutes or so (now you're stuck with that vision for at least the next 24 hours! No, there aren't going to be any pictures!)

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