Sunday, March 9, 2008

Talk About a Snow Job!

For anyone who doesn't get CNN, a newspaper, or any type of electronic or print information, Columbus, Ohio got hammered with snow. The official total at the work hive is 20.5 inches (about 50 cm.).

Of course there's the idiot who is visiting a neighbor who parked his "I am short a male organ so I bought a big pick-up truck to make up for my lack of any type of meaningful manhood" Ford in front of the dumpsters, across four parking spots and has left it there since Friday night while his jackass friend came and picked him up yesterday. (Can you tell that if I had the number of the towing service we use, I'd show him how easily it can be moved?)

I could get my car out and back in our drive this morning, but for the fact that I care more about the rear end of my car than I do about the side of his stinking manhood! (I hope that he's never allowed to reproduce.) Its times like these that make me realize I have a ways to go before I can claim to be a Bodhisattva.

Before I show you my pictures, I just want to let you know that I've only got two more days of the Master Cleanse to go. I'm glad I did it, but I'll be glad to get back to a solid food diet too. Please check out the great article on our friend Penni Shelton out in Tulsa. She's doing a 92 day "Juice Feast". I can't imagine it! Its a great article for a great soul!

Check out Penni at:

OK, here's the pictures. Be afraid, be very afraid. I'm going to go cough up a lung.

Our Condo

Our cars...I think....

The early hours.

Our cars from the front door, before I was ready to brave the glacier. (See the "I have no manhood truck"?)

This last is the picture of the idiot with his "manhood lacking pick-up truck". I guess he really parked in part of the road. Makes him even more intelligent.


Penni said...

What a blizzard! And the imbecile with the truck.....we have a lot of those good ole' boys down here in God's country. Great pictures and thanks for pimping my article, Bob!


Cheflandria said...

lots of fresh good snow! enough for some cross country skiing - eh?


Bob Bush said...

Hi Chef Landria! Skis are about the only way to get around. Now we've got rain to look forward to this week. I think the skis we'll be needing are water not snow!

Oh, and Penni, that's a much better picture!

Anonymous said...

Hello ... That is not a snow storm ... you guys out there sure know how to wine .. I mean whine .hahaha
Come live in the great white north and reall y feel winter ..
hugs Trudy

Ingrid said...

Hi Bob and thanks for sending the link to these pics. "Let it snow", somebody must have said. I'm one of those people who normally doesn't watch or listen to mainstream news but gosh did you guys get dumped with snow.

This reminds me of the crazy snow storm that hit Boston about 3 years ago. You couldn't see a car or truck, they were buried deep in snow and most all businesses were shut down. Of course, I though it was amazing so me and my significant other went out to play in the knee deep and above snow.

Hope you had a chance to go out and play. ;-)