Saturday, April 12, 2008

East Indian? You Are Kidding Aren't You?

I don't usually eat East Indian food. I don't have anything against it. Well, OK, I do, but let's blame Keely.

You see several years ago I had surgery on my left foot. I'd decided that three surgeries to correct a couple of things, including a large cyst, was what was called for at that stage in my life. So, after the first two, I decided to go the disability leave route instead of walking around on drugs with a cast up to my knee.

Of course the downside of this scenario is that Keely was in charge of feeding me.

I was between raw journeys at the time, which made it easy for her to nuke a frozen dinner. I must admit that she was trying her best, and I didn't complain since I was enjoying my pain killers, but there's only so much Indian a person can eat in six weeks! (Vietnamese I can eat every day!)

For at least five years I haven't touched Indian foods.

Then I found Julie's Raw Ambition, and her "Baby Bhindi: Bhindi Masala with Baby Zucchini". OK, I can eat Indian again, well, raw Indian.

Julie's recipe was ultra easy to make! My one change is that I like plastic zip lock bags. OK, they aren't the most environmentally friendly things in the world, but you can put food in them and it helps marinate your dish. So, I put the onions in a small sandwich bag, and stuffed them on the bottom of the dehydrator. Then with about 30 minutes to go, I stuffed the zucchini in a large zip lock bag, and added the 2 tablespoons of the marinade.

My only complaint is that Ingrid over at Natural Living Cuisine posted another recipe for Broccoli Bites after Julie's recipe was ready to eat, that really would have added to this dish. Ingrid has posted some really great recipes! Next Sunday Ingrid!

Don't be afraid to surf the net, as there are some great people out there putting out fantastic raw recipes! Find your favorites and subscribe to their feeds!


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Thanks for 2 great links!

Bob Bush said...

You're welcome!

Ingrid said...

Bob ~ I recently found Julie's fabulous blog Julie's Raw Ambition and must agree, she has talent. I saw her recipe for Spice Firecracker Cauliflower and plan to make it soon. The Bhindi Masala recipe sounds wonderful and I'm going to have to make that one as well. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words my raw friend. :-)

Penni said...

Oh thank you for reminding me of Julie's Bhindi Masala....another meat free dish I can easily make for my for my recently carnivorous husband. I agree..Julie and Ingrid have got it going on!

Julie said...

Thank you, Bob! I am so glad you enjoyed it.

<3, Julie