Sunday, April 6, 2008

How About a Quickie?

Keely and I have a set schedule of Tai Chi Saturday mornings and then grocery shopping. Our major mistake is not packing a small snack to eat between the two. The lack of food results in much snarling and gnashing of teeth.

On Saturday we ran down to the Clintonville Community Market, which is our favorite co-op in Columbus. I was starving! I hunted throughout the grocery, fighting the urge to grab a vegan bologna sandwich that the market makes fresh every day, or a "Whoopee Pie", or something just as decadent, from Patty Cake Vegan Bakery. Then I saw the Love Force and Deep Root's raw products.

Grabbing a pack of Love Force's Sun-Flax Focaccia raw bread, a pack of the Sun-Flax Italian raw bread, and a pack of Deep Root's Red Cabbage, (along with our other purchases), we headed to the car.

The Sun-Flax Focaccia never made it from the parking spot.

I don't want to go too much into what you can do with these two products. Keely and I are tag teaming this one. You'll need to read her Raw Diva Keely blog to learn more about lunch. Let me just say that both of these manufacturers have developed high quality, fantastic products. You might look at the price tag and shiver, but remember, this is quality food. Think how many times you've spent twice the amount on some cancer causing piece of garbage to shove in your body.

When you're in a hurry, or just don't want to take the time prepping food, Love Force and Deep Root have the answer. Quality is worth the money, and the money you spend on Love Force and Deep Root products is money well spent.

Check 'em out!


Annie said...

Wow! I live right down the street from the Clintonville co-op... where do you find kelp noodles in C-Bus?

Little Miss Sunshine said...

I must say that Love Force's Lemon Goji Bar will channnggee your life...ok, maybe not but it's darn good.