Sunday, December 16, 2007


Bob's rather under the weather this week, so I'll be sitting in for him as his alter ego. You can call me Thomas, I'm a little bit of a rat at times.

If you haven't noticed in your own life, the world appears to have sped up lately. We're running around like chickens with our heads cut off (that's one hell of a picture for a raw vegan to think about isn't it?). People seem more and more frustrated. Tempers are frayed, and those around you just might be participating in the most petty dramas that we've seen in years!

It's so easy to slide back into old habits and roll in the mud with those tossing the dirt. It's so easy to make pigs out of ourselves at parties, and partake of all sorts of sweets and foods with the idea that one day isn't going to matter. Oh, then there's that one day at the in-laws, and the one day at your best friends, and the one day at your church (or other place of worship), and the football game, and, and, and.......

Ever heard of Ben Stein? He was in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and does the Visine commercials. I just heard Ben say on television that based upon sales figures this might not be the best Christmas in recent memory. Earlier this week, I heard a commercial about how much more Christmas you'll be able to buy because of a store's low, low, prices.

Bob hit on this issue in his last blog. Christmas isn't something you can buy. It isn't based upon sales figures, or even whether you go to church or whom you choose to pray to. Christmas is a season where people get together to take a breather from life. It is a time to take stock of yourself and those around you. It is a time to extend the olive branch and seek resolutions, instead of starting revolutions.

Christmas is time for you to look at your own life and make decisions as to what you want for your future. Take a breather. Reach out to those around you, and thank them for a year of learning, a year of support, a year of life.

When you get together, its true that a piece of cheesecake, or a hot toddy won't hurt you in the overall scheme of things, but isn't fresh fruit shared with those you love much better.

Come together as this year ends to give thanks for yourself and those who take part in your play called life. Rejoice at all that you have given and to what others have given to you.

Just remember that a real gift asks for nothing in return.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and whatever you do, don't make a pig of yourself. Bob will be back later this week after his Green Smoothie Queen's Three Day Challenge.

Boy, Bob needs a good cleanse! Even the pigs won't go near him right now!


Keely said...

Oh Great! Now Bob is being channeled by a rat!!! Well... he was a frat rat when I met him!!! [grin]

Anonymous said...

Thomas, please tell Bob I hope he feels better soon. I loved your comments on Christmas. I had a bit of a meltdown myself yesterday and needed to hear a sane word or two. I will be joining Bob on the green smoothie challenge, so maybe we will all become cleaner and calmer before we greet the new year.

Oh, what is your problem with pigs?! They are absolutely my favorite animals in all the world! ( I like rats too :)) They would not stay away from smelly Bob, but would accept him just as he is! lol! :)

Big Hugs!