Sunday, December 9, 2007


I received this wonderful email on Saturday!

"Ave, gentleman!

I miss you in the morning, I long for your sweet tender touch. If I
denied it, I'd be so remiss. I miss you in the afternoon, I long for your smile. Darling, I am waiting for you so much. I miss you in the evening, when the blue black curtain falls; I stare in your eyes and wish that you would kiss me. I miss you in the night time; I long to hold your arms. Please write to me, my only one, and fill my heart with love. I wrote this to you, These words come from my heart! I am looking for a soul mate! Find me here: "UKRAINE BRIDES ONLINE"

Waiting for your reply Sabryna B"

I feel so loved to know that my soul mate is just a click away in the Ukraine! Yeah, right. I didn't just get off the boat folks!

The Internet can be used for good, or ill. This email is a perfect example of one of the latter uses.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of bride, Viagra, penis enhancing, multi million dollar offers. I'm tired of unsolicited emails offering the best vitamin enriched, sleep aids, or the best raw foods on the planet!

Yes, I used the words raw foods. Do you really think that our community is immune from the leeches that slither the electronic highways? No way! They seek out people to prey upon in forums, and chat rooms. They phish, and try every trick they can to empty your pockets of money!

Have I been ripped off? No, I'm careful of whom I deal with on the Internet. I've got my favorites like "The Raw Divas", "Raw Food, Right Now", "Kristen's Raw", "Freshtopia", "The Daily Raw Cafe", "Twitter", "The Sunny Raw Kitchen", "Gone Raw", "Karen Knowler", and my most recent find, "Give it to me Raw" (No, that last one is not a porn site! Its a great new site for people who are interested in a raw food lifestyle to connect with others of like mind. Check it out. After you finish my blog of course.). I've got many more listed on my companion site (still under construction. Sorry if I didn't list your name there, I'm working on it!).

Of course my favorite site is "Raw Diva Keely". Remember, my wife? Like any of you are going to be in front of her... unless you pay me of course! (That offer will get me a place on the couch for the night.)

So watch yourself this holiday season. Look to the left and to the right as you cross the Internet highway. We've got some great sites to support our raw adventure, but there are a few
(Note: if you didn't get that, the picture is the last word of the sentence. OK, I should have put more than one picture of a skunk to make it grammatically correct. Its a rainy Sunday here in Ohio!)


Keely said...

Love your funky skunk!!! [grin]


Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach said...

I am honoured, thank you!

Terilynn said...


You truly rule. Never, ever stop blogging, okay?