Saturday, March 15, 2008

Try a "Slow"

Before I start, let me remind you of my fundamental beliefs when it comes to your life.

It’s your life to live. No one controls you. You set your own path.

You choose to eat what you eat, drink what you drink. You die when you have fulfilled your goals.

To quote Bill Murray: "It just doesn't matter."

OK, that's not the best quote. Let's change it a little bit.

"It just doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, says, or does, just as long as you are happy in your walk, and harm no one, be it an animal, vegetable or mineral."

That sounds a lot better.

So remember, what I'm about to say is my own opinion. You have to make up your own mind, and decide what makes you happy.

Having said that, let me say: "Fasting of any type really sucks!" (I feel much better.)

For those of you who have been following my "Bob's Legal Lemon" posts on Tera's My Lemonade Cleanse you know that I did a 10 day Master Cleanse fast. For 10 days I had nothing but "Lemonade" during the day, a glass of laxative tea at night, and salt water flush in the morning. By the night of the last day I wanted nothing to do with "lemonade".

Oh, I lost weight, and I'm sleeping better. But by the 10th day I was more scatterbrained than usual. I was on the edge. I was bored with the diet.

But is fasting natural? I've read the books. I know that the "fast/feast" experts say that after a while you might even have a religious experience.

Is it a religious experience or is it the body saying "Hey stupid, get real! Real food that is!"

Over the centuries we have drifted away from nature. We surround ourselves with boxes on wheels, stilts and wings. We flash information around the world in seconds. We want our food fast, and we want a lot of it without any thought of the consequences of our actions.

Then, when our body says "enough is enough", instead of slowing down and giving it the food that will allow it to naturally come back to a balance at the speed that is best for the body, we decide to fast.

Look at the name we give the denial of fuel. We even call the practice "FAST". Instead of working with our bodies we try to ram them back on track "FAST".

Did you ever think that after we've forced garbage upon our bodies, that we might be doing even more damage by a "FAST", when what we really need is to work with our bodies and allow them to seek their own level through a program of healthy food that is meant for the body.

Do you really think that the only way to "detox" is through a "FAST"? Why not detoxing through a "SLOW"?

What the hell's a "SLOW"?

Simple. A slow is a natural diet of high energy foods. It’s a diet for your body.

Bet it sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, a "SLOW" is much harder than a "Fast". It requires you to live with your body. It requires you to be responsible for your body. It requires you to listen to your body.

Responsibility is a word we don't use much these days. Instead we go to our doctors and ask for a pill. We point our fingers and act the victim.

You will probably have to give up some of the food that you like. Why? Because you live in your body, and it just might not like the same things you do.

Your body is a much deeper relationship than a commitment to another being. You can walk away from another creature. The only way you can get away from your body is by dying.

Think about how you want to live. You can "FAST" if you want to "FAST". Or you can start living with your body, and giving it as much respect as you would give to a person you love. Remember, it was the tortoise who won the race by going "SLOW", not the "FAST" hare!

Me? I'm going to take life "SLOW" and smell the roses too.....

(Gee, I wonder if they caught it? Oh, life is so much fun at times like these!)


Rediscover Raw Food said...

This makes sooooo much sense. There are a few things about fasting that don't sit well with me on the health front. For example, I don't want to slow my metabolism, surviving on less and less food. (Nothing against those who want to do it.) I have religious/spirtual experiences that have nothing to do with food--like watching my kids sleep. Anyway, well articulated!

Keely said...

I thought this blog was rated PG!!! How long did it take you to find THAT picture! [grin]

Kristen's Raw said...

I totally agree, which is why I stopped my juice feast and listened to my body (which wasn't very happy with what I was doing).

As a result, I created my own juicing, smoothie, food eating, healthy living program that worked for me and didn't require a "FAST."

Great post! Kudos :)

Sharonda said...

All the time I heard you on the Raw Diva Calls, I had no Idea you were right here in Columbus. Very Cool. And I agree with your post.

Keely said...

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