Sunday, February 24, 2008

Korean Raw

A few weeks ago I discovered Chef Landria. She's Vietnamese, an avid bike racer, and a raw chef.

Now given my penchant for anything Vietnamese, you think I would have made one of her Vietnamese recipes first. Nope, I went Korean.

May I introduce Chef Landria's Kimchi, and her “Chap Chae” Korean Clear Noodle. Sorry but the "Pajon" bread just went into the dehydrator.

You can buy Chef Landria's first volume of recipes by checking out her website at:

You won't be disappointed!

Here are two close-ups. The first is of the "Chap Chae" and the second is of the Kimchi.


Cheflandria said...

oh my gosh! you did an awesome job on the chap chae and kimchi - same as how I did it! yay!

that chap chae looks good to eat!

thanks for you kind words!

Kristen's Raw said...

Hi Bob!!!

Ingrid said...

Hi Bob! These two dishes look so good! I must check out Chef Landria's site. Thanks for this post. :-)