Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's a BOINC?

For those of you who remember the television show "Moonlighting" you might think that "BOINC" is something that Bruce Willis didn't get to do on "Moonlighting" but actually got to do with Demi Moore. Sorry Bucko! It happens to mean a lot more than rutting in the halls.

BOINC is a small program that you can download that runs on your computer in the background while you're placing orders on line, blogging, twittering, e-mailing, watching movies, downloading movies, or any other meaningless activity that you engage in during the screen writer's strike (I'm sure that we could get into a long drawn out discussion as to whether we're really at a loss given the vast wasteland of the "Boob Tube" these days. Read a book, and exercise your imagination, instead of being spoon fed.).

BOINC is not a virus. Both Keely and I have BOINC running on our computers.

BOINC is a program manager which allows people from around the planet to come together and donated computer space to assist scientists who are trying to discover treatments to various diseases that take the lives of people every moment.

Right now we are assisting in the search for the treatment of cancer, Dengue Fever, AIDS, in addition to helping others study African climate changes, and in a Human Proteome Folding Study. (Yeah, I know. What's a Human Proteome Folding Study. Its all discussed on the web site!)

You'll find a link on the right side of this page which shows the number of points Keely and I have earned since we joined the community on October 21, 2006. Whenever our computers are turned on, we are helping others in studies that we hope are making are planet a little better for all.

Please take the time to download BOINC and to help others too.

It doesn't cost you a thing, and might actually do some good.

I can promise you that it feels good to know that you're actually making a difference.

Remember that while the pebble is small, it still creates a ripple that when dropped in the ocean touches every shore in the world. We might not feel it, but that doesn't mean we don't make a ripple, and with enough ripples, we create a wave.

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