Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Inspirational Blogs In My Life!

First a little history... This award (and three others) is the brainchild of Christy Z of Writer's Review. You can read the full rules, the meaning of the award and get your award badge at her post HERE. Basically, if you are tagged for the award, you go her site, get the badge for your site, then tag 5 others.


OK, I'm fried. Its been a really weird week. Tuesday night was a one hour night, and I'm stressing out. But I wanted to tag these people with the INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER AWARD! TeriLynn of The Daily Raw tagged me. I wish I could have tagged this wonderful person, but someone already got her! She got my wife too. I should have been able to tag Keely, but I guessed I tagged her 25 years ago, so I won't get too upset.

So, my five Inspirational Blog Award list begins with "Freshtopia"! Who? If you haven't been to, you're really loosing out. Tanja Andrews is not just a beautiful person physically, but you can tell that she has a wonderful heart, and is really excited about everything she does. She and Oscar Grimm have developed one hell of a site and some fantastic raw videos. I'd pay to see her work! Man, what she can do with a Vita-mix and Godzilla! Tanja and Oscar are two great people! Tanja deserves being one of the 10 Sexiest Geeks!

I've got to tap both Tera Warner and Amy DeWolfe. We've talked about their Raw Diva Blog (and Keely already tapped them), but they both have their private blogs where they share their private thoughts and their lives. These two ladies have helped us address the real issues in our lives.

The Sunny Raw Kitchen has to be on the list. This is a fantastic site for wonderful raw recipes. Don't limit yourself to just the blog. They've also got a forum where you can find great things like the "Hot Dog" recipe you'll see in the next few days!

I've got to tag one other person with an "Inspirational Blog Award". She's a red head who dreams of New York, but is surrounded by, well, not a whole lot of anything. If you've traveled through Oklahoma you'll understand. There's plains, and there's wind, and there's Tulsa. If you haven't been to Real Food in Tulsa, you're missing a treat! It takes a strong person like Penni Shelton to bring raw foods to Oklahoma! I must admit that I hope she never makes it to NYC. I'm more likely to be in Tulsa than I am NYC. I'll take the plains over the concrete jungle any day of the week! Anyone who can come up with a Raw Mojito is a genius! I'd just like to know where's the weight hiding she's worried about! Those pictures can't have be retouched!

I'd love to give this award to everyone who takes the time to do a blog in order to give their readers a chance to laugh, cry, escape, or better themselves. There's so many I've missed, but pass on the kudos. I'm sure that someone will tap you too!

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